Polling all readers

There’s a new Poll-like thingus over there in the right column. I’ve been wondering lately if my constant nattering on about economics and the bailouts is giving readers a headache. I mean, come on! How many times can I say the same thing? (Forever, of course, is the answer. Or until our political class stops trying to buy their way into our hearts by borrowing from our children. Guess which one will come first.)

Plus, I feel like I’ve gone all negative, all the time. But hey, maybe I’m wrong! Maybe you all like the economics!

So, vote! Tell me what you’d like more of! Recipes? Rants? Politics? Art? Tell me!

And as always, comments welcome!


4 thoughts on “Polling all readers

  1. I like your rants! I’d like to see more of your personal opinion and less of your quoting others. You are at your best when you are writing, rather than quoting others!

  2. Oh, and I don’t need recipes. It is much better when you just cook for us. I won’t cook the recipes that you post, but I am almost always available to sample your recipes!

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