A General Update

It’s been a while since I last posted.  Not for any dramatic or unusual reason, just the business of life pushed blogging to the side.  I began a long commute to the City for work and that made finding the time to blog harder. However, I’ve now accepted a new position with a new company, Etherios, and I’ll be working mostly from home. (Which doesn’t mean that I’ll necessarily have more time to blog, but it does at least free up the time I had been spending on the train.)

As for the fiction, I’ve taken the excerpts down for now.  I realized that I’ve been spending too much time editing and not enough time finishing, so I’m going to wait to solicit comments until after I’ve got a whole first draft completed. Which will be… whenever it’s finished.  I’ve actually been moving again on that. Moving slowly, but still moving.

Other than that, the kids are just amazingly impressive.  They’re each tremendously talented, gifted, and good and it’s a special pleasure to watch them excel and grow.