Character creation guidelines

Hello! I am happy to work with you on character creation, or you can go for it yourself. If you want to go for it, follow the instructions below, if you want to work together with me just let me know! And of course, you’re welcome to work together as much as you’d like!

To create a character, follow this link:

Once there, select Create a Character.

In Character Preferences, you can name your character (you can change it later) and you select various options.
Under Sources, select Homebrew Content and Noncore D&D Content. Everything else should be blank:

Dice Rolling should be on as should Optional Class Features and Customize Your Origin. Advancement Type should be Milestone.

For hit points, select Manual.

use prerequisites should be on for both Feats and Multiclass Requirements. As should Show Level-scaled Spells.

For Encumbrance, select No Encumbrance and turn Ignore Coin Weight on. Ability Score Modifiers top is good and you can choose whether the character is public or private.

Next — click the blue > Next button at the top right of the page, or click on 1.Race.

In the filter Race Sources, select Homebrew. (The show legacy content is irrelevant).

You can choose between these races:

  • Aenic Human – versatile, increase one attribute by 2 another by 1.
  • Blood of The Dragon – you have a breath weapon and elemental resistance
  • Faedrene — very tall, charismatic and strong
  • Joriale — Very tough Sea dwarf
  • Noruunan — Highly intelligent and perceptive
  • Saluo — versatile, wise and resilient ancient people
  • Tainted — you have the taint of undead — you hunger and have a natural attack that allows you to regenerate
  • Wee Fairy — a tiny, winged pixie with natural magic but very low strength

After you pick a Race, you can pick a class by clicking the blue >. Next button at the upper right or by clicking on 2.Class

Select whatever class you like! No real restrictions here, but we’ll chat about the various subclasses that you have access to. Go ahead and make what you want.

Then Abilities: In Choose.a Generation Method, select Standard Array and then assign out your abilities.

Follow through Description but skip equipment (we’ll work together on that.) Then you can select the page Icon in the upper right to view the character sheet. Woot! And then, if you’re like me, you’ll go back and change a bunch of stuff 🙂

And remember, I am happy to help!!

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