About Us

Hi! We’re Jamie and Patrick Stephens!

You can contact us at web@psjs.net.

As you may have guessed from the postings and the photos, we were recently married (August 18, 2007), and we’d like to thank everyone who helped make that day as wonderful and as magical as it was.

Jamie is an executive manager/administrator who’s done just about everything there is to do in nonprofit management. From organizing conferences and events, to top-level fund-raising, to managing staff operations, she’s done it all. Right now she’s helping a national financial services corporation manage it’s branch offices. Oh, she’s also their director of Human Resources.

And she also writes a monthly health and wellness column that is distributed to over 50,000 CEOs and executives nationwide.

Patrick has written on issues ranging from Cloning and Stem-cell research to Foreign Policy and issues of justice in war, to environmentalism, urban transportation, and the Elian Gonzalez tragedy of 2000.

He has spoken across the country to national and local audiences of legislators, college professors, policy professionals, students, and businessmen on bioethics, welfare reform, transportation policy, environmentalism, affirmative action and improvisation.

The blog here is mostly Pat’s, so please don’t blame Jamie for anything ridiculous Patrick writes!

But that stuff is all mostly fluff. Most importantly, we have three wonderful and amazing children, Adam, Patrick and Hannah, who fill our lives with wonder, laughter, and much noise!