Sand Art

This is great. (HT Eric and Hallie)

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Michael Newberry

More paintings! This time from an artist that I actually know personally and… I actually own an original piece! (How cool is that!)

I’ve had the good fortune to know Michael Newberry for a few years, and every time I see him I am warmed by his wonderful sense-of-life and his radiant, effervescent smile.

From his website,

There is a place centered low, inside my ribcage, where light, knowledge, and intense feeling meld. My art comes from this place.

This sense guides me through the landscape of art history: absorbing a color here; a technique there; and gives me a sense of connection with all the artists I love. This spark is also the foundation to go my own way, encouraging me try new things, yet, always with beauty and my very best.

I am honored that the collectors in my art family, share this sense with me.

In addition to Michael’s site, there’s the Michael Newberry Archive, with a catalog of 665 unique works.

(I own this one)

The following are available as Giclee reproductions:

Amy Bennett

I came across Amy Bennet and thought I’d share. These are paintings, by the way.

Someday You'll Long for This
We Can Never Go Home Again
Coming to Grips
Losing It
Every Second Counts

From her bio,

Two years ago, I contsructed a 1:87 scale model neighborhood, a fictitious cluster of eleven houses depicted through model railroading miniatures, styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic, complete with string telephone wires and working lights. The process of designing and assembling the setting over several months triggered my imagination to develop characters to populate the place along with a loose timeline of events that would culminate in the neighborhood’s history. I considered who lived in each home, their family dramas, and the way their private lives might spill into view of their neighbors. The model became a stage on which to develop the psychological implications of belonging to a particular family, with all of its dramas, struggles and familiar routines. I thought: this tree will be taken down after an old man crashes into it; a father will transform this lawn into an ice skating rink; this house will be abandoned after its residents are scandalized on the evening news.