So there’s this local human interest story:

Peace group members suspend vigils

Barack Obama’s successful election as the nation’s next president has spurred members of a local peace group to suspend their activities.

Rik Flynn, who began weekly peace vigils nearly three years ago, said members of his group decided to suspend their activities as a result of Obama’s promises to withdraw from Iraq on a reasonable, strategically sensible timetable and to correct the nation’s current foreign policy.

And then there’s this from the AP:

Iraq’s government approves security pact with US

Iraq’s Cabinet overwhelmingly approved a security pact with the United States on Sunday, ending prolonged negotiations to allow American forces to remain for three more years in the country they first occupied in 2003. (emphasis added)

I think it’s amazing how Obama’s “reasonable, strategically sensible timetable” will just happen–pure coincidence, I’m sure–to match the timetable negotiated by the Bush administration.