Disgusting Delicacies

I’m borrowing a warning from my friend Jess, cuz there’s some serious nasty following. Proceed with caution.


seriously… massive grossness coming.

Check out Disgusting Delicacies for the details.


Seriously… you’ve been warned.

Casu marzu
Italian pecorino cheese infested with maggots and allowed to rot. mmmm…. yummy.

Mongolian boodog
Whole goat cooked, get this, from the inside out. It’s like dinner in a Hellraiser movie.

Soft-boiled fetal duck
Says it all doesn’t it? Wow.

Whole sheep’s head
Seems almost tame after the fetal duck.

I eat octopus.

Rotting salmon heads
You’re kidding, right? Rotting salmon heads? Like an anchovy paste?

It’s a simple rule, “Don’t eat poisonous fish.” Why is it so hard to follow?

Jellied Moose Nose
Sarah Palin makes it every Easter. (Is the Moose smiling, or is it me?)

Bat Paste
I’m not going to sleep tonight. These people have serious problems.