In praise of genocide

Interim White House Communications director, Anita Dunn,gave a high school commencement address in June of this year in which she praised Hitler, using him as an example to illustrate a point:

“You don’t have to accept the defintion of how to do things and you don’t have to follow other people’s choices and paths.

Okay? It is about your choices and your paths. You fight your own war.  You lay out your own paths. You figure out what’s right for you. You don’t let any external definition define how good you are internally.”

OK. She didn’t use Hitler as her example. That would have been absurd. Hitler’s government systematically and ruthlessly murdered millions of innocents.

She used Mao Zedong. Mao’s government systematically and ruthlessly murdered more than twice as many innocents as Nazi Germany. (Death by Government, R. J . Rummel)

Maybe the 50 million Chinese dead were just accidental by-products of Mao’s personal ethical journey? Maybe Dunn meant that the kids should follow their own Shining Path?

But wait! She also referenced Mother Theresa! Telling the kids to  “go find your own Calcutta.” Here’s Christopher Hitchens on the sainted lady.

I’ll ignore the Mother Theresa allusion; her name has become, however wrongly, synonymous with passionate service. The Mao Zedong allusion cannot be excused.