Michael Newberry

More paintings! This time from an artist that I actually know personally and… I actually own an original piece! (How cool is that!)

I’ve had the good fortune to know Michael Newberry for a few years, and every time I see him I am warmed by his wonderful sense-of-life and his radiant, effervescent smile.

From his website,

There is a place centered low, inside my ribcage, where light, knowledge, and intense feeling meld. My art comes from this place.

This sense guides me through the landscape of art history: absorbing a color here; a technique there; and gives me a sense of connection with all the artists I love. This spark is also the foundation to go my own way, encouraging me try new things, yet, always with beauty and my very best.

I am honored that the collectors in my art family, share this sense with me.

In addition to Michael’s site, there’s the Michael Newberry Archive, with a catalog of 665 unique works.

(I own this one)

The following are available as Giclee reproductions: