Sometimes I realize just how much of a geek I am. These are photos of wee cities, intricately detailed scale models of urban landscapes.

From an article in Wired,


Chicago is the coolest model:

I think they must be great fun to build (and to play with!). Which, of course, is why I love SimCity so much–and why I really wish Maxis and EA would get off their duffs and release a new version already!

I also realize that this also helps explain why I like Amy Bennet’s work.

The Sun

For some reason, referrals from image searches on “Jupiter” account for a bunch of traffic here (well, I suppose “bunch” is a relative term…) so, in the spirit of pleasing my readers (and myself) here are some more way cool astronomical shots. (If you got here through a Google search for astronomical imagery, let me know in the comments!)

The Giver of life, mother of us all… no, not TV. The Sun.

The first six images are all from my favorite photo blog, The Big Picture at the Boston Globe.
The Sun1
The Sun2
The Sun3
The Sun4
The Sun5
The Sun6

The Sun7
The Sun8
This is a photo of a sunrise on Mars. How cool is that?
The Sun9